This is a work in progress – but given how many questions we have received asking about Early Bird Registration, I wanted to share our current thinking plan.

  • Same as previous years,  there are requirements that your team must complete BEFORE you can register into a tournament:
    1. Completed Team Info Form (done via jotform).  Information that you will need before you can complete the jotform 
    2. Payment – preferred method is paypal.
  • NOW Available 8/12:  Both the Payment and Jotform links are available from your team’s status link from the 2016 Team List
  • The concept of districts remains essentially the same.  For 2016, there will be 4 Districts:  Silicon Valley, Peninsula, East Bay and Capital.
  • NEW:  For the 2016 Animal Allies season, we will be adding an Early Bird Tournament Registration starting on August 29th.  Here is what we are planning:
    • We will enable the team coach to register into a qualifier tournament (but only up to half of the real capacity per tournament) as tournaments are confirmed starting in late August.  Most tournaments have 16 teams – this would mean that 8 slots are open during Early Bird Registration.
    • The team is enabled to register once the requirements mentioned above are complete and correct.
    • The team will only be able to select a tournament only in their home district during this time.
  • In early October, once a team completes the requirements or if the team did not register during the Early Bird period, we will then start general tournament registration for all of the remaining spaces at all tournaments AND more importantly teams will be free to register in any qualifier throughout NorCal (of course, only after they have completed the requirements).
  • Important to know and comprehend,  District Championships still only accept the teams that advanced from their specific qualifier tournaments.  So if you choose to move to a different district by registering for a qualifier outside your district area, you may get the opportunity to travel to a District Championship that is not the closest one to you.  For example, if you live in Stockton (Capital District) and register for a Mountain View qualifier (Peninsula District) and advance to the District Championship, you would attend the Peninsula District Championship.  District Definitions